Dec 5, 2011

An afternoon in Zhongshan Park

A greenspace in the grey

Lovely greenery in Zhongshan Park
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We’d seen it on many maps: Zhongshan Park is a large greenspace in the center of Luzhou’s Jiangyang District (which is also where we live). On Saturday, we finally found it.

Zhongshan Park, Luzhou

Zhongshan Park is actually a name for many parks around China, according to Wikipedia, as a way to honor Dr. Sun Yat-Sen. But beyond the name, our Zhongshan doesn’t betray that history. It’s just a park. Though a nice one.

It was a crisp and wintry 55 degrees out, but we still saw many other people enjoying the rare non-rain. The park has a lot of carefully landscaped nature, as well as a few ponds where you can go on boat rides, and some little amusement park rides: go-carts and the like. There was also an outdoor public pool; closed for the winter, but we’re guessing it gets jam-packed in the summer. It gets really hot here.

But even in the relative cool of a southern Sichuan winter, it’s a pretty place. Because it’s not actually that cold, the leaves on the trees are still intact, and a few people even brave the boat rides. We’re definitely planning on returning. There’s a zoo and an aviary we’d like to check out, as well as a tea house which seems an idyllic spot for sipping some tea.