Hello Uncle Foreigner

Apr 18, 2012

Beans, the magical fruit

Sometimes they’re sweet

These are the beans

Past the sixth month mark, we’re noticing a lot of new (to us) things popping up. It’s almost as if there’s so much to see that it has taken this long to take it all in. But something that’s recently come into focus is beans! We found some dried beans at the market a few weeks ago, and made some spicy bean dip with nachos made from fried wonton skins.

And then, last week, we went to get some takeout from the fried rice joint across the street from the school (it still tickles me to get Chinese takeout in China). I can muddle through our usual order OK, but some English-speaking students were helping us out and teaching me some new Chinese words. They got an order of the bean soup you see above, and it looked good, so we got an order too. Only to be surprised that it’s a sweet dessert not a savory entree!

Which, had we been paying attention, we should have suspected. We’ve had sweet bean cookies, sweet bean bread, why not sweet bean soup? It’s just, for a part of the world that does spicy so well - Sichuan cuisine (or Szechuan, if you like) is known around the world for its heat - how do they miss the fact that spicy beans are so delicious?!