Jan 26, 2012

Chengdu: International Night

America, India, Ireland ... in China

Peter, eating Indian food at Namaste
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On the fourth section of Renmin Road - Chengdu’s main street - we found a cluster of different establishments catering to different foreign tastes. So we made a night of it. An international night!

We started off at The Bookworm, an English-language lending library/bookshop/bar-restaurant. (Why has no one done this in America?) We lingered over a plate of hummus and a couple of cocktails reading second-hand travel books; our table was right next to the travel section.

Our second stop was Namaste, one of a few Indian restaurants in the city. Indian food might be second only to Mexican in terms of cuisine that we miss. The restaurant was empty when we arrived, which we found puzzling as it was a Friday night. But the restaurant got pretty good reviews online, so we sat down anyway. And while we were waiting, an Indian family came in and sat down, which we thought was a good sign of the restaurant’s authenticity. (That, or they read the same reviews we did.) And it was pretty good. It definitely filled our need for naan.

Our next and last International stop was the Shamrock Bar, which we had seen mentioned on all the Chengdu ex-pat boards. It definitely did the Irish super-pub thing well, and it did play host to an interestingly diverse group of people, both nationality and age-wise. I have to say, however, that it wasn’t really the bar for us. It was loud and smoky, and there was just a real fratty vibe that we weren’t into. Also, it was expensive, which we really weren’t into. So we had one drink each, watched bemusedly while a drunk guy danced to the Michael Jackson tunes the DJ was spinning (yup, there was a DJ), and went back north to what we were now thinking of as “our neighborhood.”