Jan 21, 2012

Chengdu: Kuanzhai Xiangzi

The wide and narrow alleys

Shopping in the wide and narrow alleys of Chengdu
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A few blocks from our hostel was a pedestrian area called Kuanzhai Xiangzi - which literally translates to “Wide and Narrow Alleys.” It was an apt description.

These wide and narrow alleys were lined with restaurants, tea houses, bars and tourist shops, and the architecture was meant to mimic the style of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). We found out from some friends we made that this area was just built a few years ago - which makes sense; nothing about the area looks remotely historical.

The area was naturally filled with tourists. It was a funny little walk - you could have an overpriced (I presume) version of cuisine you could find for much cheaper around the corner, we found a Qing-style Starbucks, and, I had a Brooklyn Lager at a German Beer Hall! Now that’s fusion.