Aug 15, 2020

Introducing ... us! Again!

The newest channel trailer

Hello Uncle Foreigner is better, faster, stronger.

Playing this YouTube game, we periodically have to update our channel trailer to keep the experience fresh for new target audiences. But actually, it’s a good exercise to periodically revisit our vision, and think about just what the heck we are doing with our work. These days, it’s being snotty about other foreigner-know-it-alls in China. Well, and producing the best and most relevant web series of our time. Gee, we’re busy!

Am I being kind of glib? A little. Peter and I have declared this “The Season of the Business Plan,” wherein we continue to stretch ourselves creatively, but also try to for real answer the question, “So how are you going to make money at this?” But, thinking about business and marketing is difficult and I hate it, and it makes me a little bit petulant. On the other hand, these days we’re working the Underpants Gnomes model, and that won’t get you a business visa anywhere …