Apr 24, 2018

KTV with Chinese friends

It’s not your turn to sing often enough

I love to sing, but I really don’t enjoy karaoke — not in America, not in China, not in a box, not with a fox. Well, somehow, going to karaoke with my friend Bruce was always fun. You should go to karaoke with Bruce.

Anyway, if you live in China, people are going to take you out karaoke-ing. In the video above, we’re at a colleague’s birthday party. We didn’t really know him before this night. What happened was that we were both at the same restaurant, and we got recognized and invited along for the sing-a-thon.

Here they call it KTV, for karaoke television. If you’re wondering, they do have some songs in English. You get the most expat points, however, if you sing a Chinese-language song. That’s what I’ve heard.