Apr 6, 2012

Our latest purchases

A basket and a computer

Our new computerOur new laundry basket

In the past week, we’ve made two purchases that spanned the continuum from the most hi-tech — our new 27-inch Mac — to the most lo-tech — a hand-woven laundry basket. Both have improved our lives amazingly.

OK, the laundry basket just means I’ve stopped throwing my dirty clothes on the floor, but if you’d seen the size of the spider we saw crawling around our room the other day, you’d know it was a major life improvement to have the clothes contained. Because I heard that spiders don’t like baskets. If you’ve heard otherwise, do not tell me.

But our studio has come a long way. We’ve added amps, speakers, a space heater and now a huge computer. Which we never would have been able to afford living in New York. China is treating us well.