Nov 13, 2011

Relative sizes II

We’re smaller, but still giants

Peter and I both have lost a lot of weight since we’ve gotten here. We’ve put this down to the fact that we’re walking everywhere - including up and down the big hill that we live atop - and that the bulk of our diet is fresh vegetables. There’s no dairy to speak of and we don’t buy that much processed food. Yes, there’s a lot of carborific rice and noodles, but we’re pretty much going up (down?) a new belt notch every week.

Which is why Peter was a little dismayed the other night when he was trying on his black pants and they were a little tight. He could button the button, but barely. “All my other pants are loose. Why don’t these fit?” he asked. I looked him over: “Because they’re my black pants.” Yup. Peter can now almost fit into my pants.

But we’re still giants compared to the rest of the country. Peter has bought a couple new pairs of pajamas. He’s a XXL-XXXL. At the first purchasing, we picked up a large. The store clerk looked Peter over and shook her head, enlisting help to find the largest pair the store had. I am desperately searching for a new pair of jeans, because the ones I brought are now quite loose. Unfortunately, the trend here for women is super-tight skinny jeans, so I can squeeze into the largest size most stores carry, but I don’t really want to.

So we’re still on the lookout. It’s pretty funny. We don’t think of ourselves as big people, but evidently the Chinese do.