Apr 18, 2018

Sell all your stuff and move across the world

And then buy more stuff

Before you start to exist in China, you’re going to need to pack. The easiest way to pack for a move abroad is to sell all your stuff! It’s the ultimate in light packing. And China is full up with new stuff that you can buy when you get here.

Most of what we packed was clothes. The one thing that is hard to find in China is big enough clothing for your western butt. As for the rest of it, we took a multi-pronged approach to getting our stuff out the door. The media — books, CDs, DVDs, comic books — we sold to the appropriate shops. The book buyers at the Strand are famously mean, but they’ll give you that cash if you’ve got good stuff, and we did! The furniture went on Craig’s List (or, some of it to my parents’ basement). And the guitars went on the plane! We weren’t leaving those behind.

Like it says in the video, these days we’re back up to a small moving truck’s worth of stuff, so I guess we can’t move back. I don’t know where to sell used books in Luzhou!