Sep 21, 2012

Summer vacation: Bathing Beach No. 6

A stroll in the sea air

The famous Tsingdao pagoda
The famous Zhan Qiao pier, next to Bathing Beach No. 6

Bathing Beach No. 6 was just a short walk from our hostel. The strip of sand itself is not much to talk about — small, dirty and crowded. But there was plenty of activity in the immediate environs. The boardwalk was a bustling hive of sightseers and vendors. You could buy coconuts, boat rides, sunglasses, bathing suits, Crocs, fake Crocs … pretty much anything remotely beachy.

Zhan Qiao pier juts out into the sea adjacent to beach 6. Like “May Wind,” the pier is a celebrated landmark in the city. Huiquan Pavilion, at the end of the pier, is emblazoned on the label of every bottle of Tsingdao.

It wasn’t a place that enticed us to swim, but the area around beach 6 made for a nice evening stroll.

Drinking coconutsBathing beach No. 6
Left: Coconut milk, straight from the source! Right: That’s pretty much the extent of the beach.