Sep 28, 2012

Summer vacation: Beer Street

Where the streets are paved with suds

Tsingtao Stout
Lovely Beer Street
Of all parts of China, here’s the place to sit and have a beer — a cold one, if you’re lucky.

So, the Tsingtao Brewery Museum is conveniently located on a nice strip of pavement called Beer Street. Makes sense.

In addition to the museum, restaurants (mostly seafood) with ample outdoor seating line the block. We had plans to go downtown for dinner, however, so we just stopped in for a quick drink at one of the quieter places. This is where we found the elusive Tsingtao Stout — a beer not commonly stocked in other parts of the country. And it was good! Since it was bottled, it lacked the metallic taste of the canned German stouts that we buy in Luzhou.

Room for one more? How about some non-Tsingtao Qingdao beer?