Sep 14, 2012

Summer vacation: En route to cool breezes

Chongqing: Home of a big airport

Here's Chongqing

All summer, people had been warning us that Luzhou is as hot as Hades in August. Like, busting 100 degrees daily hot. So our plan for August: leave the city.

Our ultimate destination was Qingdao, on the northeast coast of the country, but we had a brief stopover in Chongqing — because the airport there serves more destinations that Luzhou Lantian Airport.

Some basic information:

  • Chongqing is about 2 and a half hours from Luzhou by bus.
  • It used to be a part of Sichuan Province, but in 1997 the municipality struck out on its own as a separate governmental entity.
  • There’s still a very Sichuan flavor about the place, specifically the spicy flavor of hot pot!
  • The city population is about 5 million.

Some non-basic information coming up …