Sep 15, 2012

Summer vacation: Shopping in Ciqikou

And don’t forget the snacks

The streets of Ciqikou

Ciqikou has existed as a neighborhood for more than 1,000 years, but most of what’s there today is touristy shops and food stalls. So, in our afternoon walk around the neighborhood, we bought some trinkets and ate some snacks.

There is some beautiful souvenir shopping to be doneRoti!

This past year in Luzhou we haven’t done that much shopping, because we don’t often see too much that we want to buy. Often, cheap stuff is cheap and junky, and expensive stuff is expensive and junky. Oddly enough, though, in this little touristy district there were a ton of cute, covetable objects.

I found a scarf at a store that specialized in World Traveler wear — that special style that blends motifs from Tibet, Africa, SE Asia, etc. Peter and I both recalled that there was a store like that in each of our college towns. Other stores offered: your name in calligraphy made to look like an animal, fun jewelery, paper fans, etc. One place sold vintage clocks that would sell like hotcakes in any hipster neighborhood. It was an interesting mix of merchandise.

On the snack front, there were a bunch of noodle and hot pot restaurants; the usual suspects. But we opted for pancakes from the Indian roti stall! We were really excited to find it. China is rightly proud of its cuisine, but we’re still surprised at how little fusion goes on with other nearby cultures. I mean, India is right there! Couldn’t we get some dosas up in here, every once in a while?

For dinner, we have a taste of modern Chongqing …