May 31, 2012

They sell what?!?

Adult goods sold here

Adult shop

If you translate these characters, they mean “Adult Goods Shop” — and what’s for sale does not include ties or 401Ks. We couldn’t post a front view of the store because, well, there’s entirely too much front on view there. The thing is, there are at least 5 of these stores within a stone’s throw of the school. Some obscure their smutty wares, but not all of them do. It’s quite shocking!

Mores are changing here - for example, it’s no longer illegal to live with a non-relative of the opposite sex - but pornography is definitely still illegal. And sex (or even boyfriend/girlfriend cohabitation) is not something that’s discussed openly. So we’re really not sure what to make of this.

But the Chinese people we see walk by these shops appear neither fazed nor curious.