Apr 12, 2019

What time is it in China?

And how do we know?!

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Sometimes we get existential on this vlog. Is this one of those times? You’ll have to answer that question for yourself.

Apr 11, 2019

Instagram always: Time is fleeting

And only one way

Apr 10, 2019

“Cool Water" (official music video)

The music of Uncle Foreigner

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Music from the video “No ice, you’re in China,” from our recent YouTube video. The music video features the extra security cam-style footage that we shot to go with the story about the security cameras at work. Because, when there’s a security camera, you have to dance. Then the people will know that you’re fine!

Apr 9, 2019

Structuring the giraffe episodes

How we get all this vlogging done

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The giraffe videos started out as kind of a free-form experiment. If there was an idea, I’d put on the giraffe suit and tell the camera. But as we went on, it started to develop a real structure of its own. And we liked it, so we kept it.

Additional videos and links:

Apr 8, 2019

Tweet of last week: Redefining our terms

If I call it a hat and put it on my head ...

Apr 7, 2019

No ice, you’re in China!

And seven more things about living abroad in China

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Hot water, cool water … this sounds like a lesson I do with my kindergarten kids. Regardless, every living thing needs water, so it’s pretty important. And, it’s nice to have someone who cares about you. So, watch the video!

Apr 5, 2019

Disagreeing with your collaborator

How we get all this vlogging done

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Peter and I are usually on the same page about the work we produce, but occasionally we disagree. In this episode of the podcast, we talk about how we handle that, and discover our unspoken rule that we don’t post anything that we don’t unanimously love.

We also go back to last week’s somewhat confusing discussion of what I now realize was baby Postmodernism, and apply what I was talking about to some concrete examples in our repertoire. Ideas don’t matter as much as the way that you say them!

Also, there are a ton of links and references in this week’s episode:

Apr 4, 2019

“Shoes” (Official music video)

The Music of Hello Uncle Foreigner

Listen to all the music by Western Toilet on YouTube or SoundCloud.

The music video for the soundtrack to the video “I can’t put my shoes on any faster.” Peter was inspired by the subject matter to write a kind of march for the soundtrack, and we had this footage from the Tianfu Middle School sports meeting that took place our very first year teaching. It was 2012, so in honor of that years Olympics, the kids had their own Parade of Nations. And it was Luzhou, so of course it was kind of raining the whole time. But we were all there to have fun!

Apr 2, 2019

Ideas and the clothes they wear

Podcasting while tired

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Fair warning: I was incredibly tired during this discussion, and I had a little trouble expressing a complex concept in an understandable way, during this week’s Homeschool Film School segment. If it helps, what I’m talking about is really, sort of beginner Postmodernism. “The medium is the message,” kind of thing.

Also, we come back to it, to better result, in the following week’s podcast. It will all become clear in the end.

Videos and links mentioned:

Mar 28, 2019

I can’t put my shoes on any faster

Where’s my shoes genie?

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After kindergarten, I never thought I would care about how fast I can get my shoes on … but I do! Also, we talk about Internet advice, international chips, a vacuum update, and where do remixes come from? Plus, the return of “And then now.”