Oct 11, 2012

Summer vacation: The tour of the harbor

A two-for-one deal

Boating in the harbor

“Just walk out by Zhan Qiao pier and find a guy,” was the gist of the directions we could find. This was echoed by the clerk at our hostel, who added, “You should bargain with them, too.”

What was our mysterious quest? A boat ride!

As instructed, we found a guy holding a big poster with photos of people having fun on a boat. Thirty RMB per ticket, he told us. “两个一起, 30块 [both tickets for 30 bucks],” I countered. This was the very first bargaining I’d done in China! And it was a great success!

In the van
On the bus, we scored the coveted in-the-aisle seats

A small, crowded bus took us out to a busy dock, where a bunch of tourist boats were porting and starboarding. The boat tour is a big thing to do in Qingdao.

And it’s a gorgeous view of the city. From the west side, we sailed east towards May 4th Square, checking out all of our favorite landmarks, on the seaward side.

Round-trip, our journey was about a half-hour. Afterward, the bus brought us back to the center of the old town, and one of the ticket-takers directed people into the nearby shops. We had already acquired our tourist trinkets, however, so we quietly went our own way.

A boat ride in the harbor

Click on the photo above for a full slideshow of our day on the water.

We want more pizza!